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Brand Spotlight: Zoo For People

If you have yet to hear of this Kuala Lumpur-based brand whose name suggests a very much needed enclosure for the evolved primates (read: people), here’s a cue to get yourself educated on this name.

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More Than Margins

This 23rd December, we're joining forces with PERTIWI soup kitchen to clothe the homeless. Read on to find out how you can help.

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Lady Seven X

One ordinary girl who went from small-town to big city, all girl group dancer to street dance crew. Now the stage only gets bigger for Lady Seven - Major Drop ambassador and professional dancer.

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Evolution of Headwear in Streetwear

Before hats became such an inseparable entity of a complete outfit, they indeed were used to as armoury and it was only much later that the silhouette developed into an art form in fashion, embraced for its ability to draw attention to one’s face. 

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MAJORDROP.COM X IT’S THE SHIP Official Pre-Party 2015

The MAJORDROP.COM X IT’S THE SHIP 2015 Official Pre-Party goes down this Friday 9th October 2015 from 10pm at Lust KL. 

If you’re not gonna be getting on the luxury cruise, at least get the 5-star party experience.

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