Nizam Lee. Lee, as in Bruce Lee. The namesake is one well worthy of this shy guy in his small stature, who matches the gung-ho spirit that Bruce Lee himself once had. Albeit, the craft is of a slightly different nature. Nizam Lee picked up skateboarding at the age of 6 to keep up with the antics of his much older brother and what was merely an after-school pastime gradually became a passion pursuit. Becoming the first Southeast Asian to grace the ramps of exclusive indoor skate park The Berrics at Los Angeles, which maintains a strict by invite-only policy, Nizam is unquestionably one sportsman – yes, skateboarding is a sport  to watch out for.


While the ollies and kickflips require a certain amount of strenuous effort, the young skateboarder still manages to have his hair slicked up and his daily wardrobe on point. Precisely why Nizam Lee has landed his skateboard and himself on the platform of talents that are Major Drop’s ambassadors.

Keep up with Nizam Lee's adventures on Instagram.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Razlan Yusof


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