3. Nike Air Mags
I f*cking love Back To The Future 2 and I remember when I saw this pair I audibly gasped. Yes, out loud. Nike was actually commissioned by BTTF2 to create this pair, and I’m super ecstatic that they did. It looks like a space boot which makes it even more awesome. This shoe has reached legendary status, almost as much as the Nike Terminator Vandals or the Ripley Reebok Stompers. Price is definitely a problem though, the first time they released these they went for $4.3k, which is unbelievable. I hear they’re going for $9k now, which is absolutely ridiculous, and also what makes these my dream shoes as I’d probably never be able to own them. Most people would definitely not wear these as they look too funky, but I’d wear the sh*t out of them.