THE STORY BEGAN - with bedroom ideas and endless cups of coffee, three stooges of good intentions and a sense of impeccable minimalism came together for what it is and for what its going to be; Costura Cloth Inc. The meaning ‘Costura’ is derived from the method of combining fabrics also known as sewing and most importantly, to give more meaning and appreciation for detailed basics. These garments are carefully planned and designed to the utmost simplicity, offering a variety of designs and materials combined to make you look good and feel inspired, by us, for you.

Quality, Integrity, Design – is what Costura stands for. Design has driven the brand from day one, with product at its core, pushing boundaries, striving for perfection. Detail is worked inside and out of each garment; pioneering fabrics, subtle twists of colour and discreet details. Every single part of a product from zip to label and button to shell, has a reason, no detail is left to chance. Season to season the collection grows but quality is never compromised: it is amplified, design never dwindles: it inspires, value never suffers; it is always attainable – this forms the brand’s DNA.



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