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Mentega. /muhn-tae-ga/ - 'butter' in the Malay language.
Mentega started with the idea of producing hair products that perform well under tropical climate, and one that contains good quantity. Three years before its inception, Mentega founder Kevin Cottie Tan would purchase hair products, pomade specifically - and finish them quick enough before the month ends.
Being a heavy user of pomade, he began making his own hair product - one that would last and contains nothing detrimental to the hair and scalp. What used to be a personal project has now evolved into a company dedicated to making quality products with good quantity. Made in small batches, every single jar of Mentega is handcrafted and hand- poured, keeping every detail consistent with just two hands.
Oil-based pomade. Your Hair's Daily Dairy. Handmade & hand-poured in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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