HEAT CLUB 3-Step Process

HEAT CLUB 3-Step Process

1.) Walk In

  • Consignor walks in with the intended consignment sneaker.
  • Only can be done by making an appointment (Monday-Tuesday) or walk-in Every Wednesday.

2.) Evaluation And Documentation

  • Staff will inspect the condition, legitimacy and sales potential.
  • Consignor to fill in necessary documents and signed upon adhering to all the terms & conditions set by HEAT CLUB.
  • Authorization and Price Discussion:
  1. Consignment Form
  2. Consignment List
  3. Terms & Condition
  • If consignor has more than one (1) pair of intended consignment sneaker. The Consignment List shall be filled accordingly and in detail for every selected pair by HEAT CLUB.
  • Selection is made based on the comprehensive agreement between both the consignor and consignee (HEAT CLUB) based on existing hype/trend and sales potential.


3.) Online Registration

  • To be done by consignor personally after the selection has been made. Google Doc link will be shared upon confirmation of consigning item(s).
  • A compulsory procedure as personal information and banking details are needed to complete the consignment.